3 important tips for travelling with kids!

Be prepared! It’s a little like being in scouts!

1. Don’t overpack!

We’ve travelled all over the world with our kids and the one thing we do is pack ONLY essentials and I mean. REALLY. NEED. And yes I know it’s redundant to say to be prepared and another to say pack essentials but what I mean is this;

We took our baby to Singapore with my parents for a month and with research we found that baby formula will cost us an arm and a leg to purchase there, so we ended up hauling a months worth and skimped out on things like clothes, diapers, bottles and other things because we could always purchase things while we were there.

So be wise in your choices when packing and think “can I buy an alternative when we arrive?”

2. Be Comfortable

Forget looking sassy! If you’re anything like me, dressing down is my thing and to be honest when you have kids in tow you don’t want that mascara running down your face as you break into tears. Kids will run, jump and have a tantrum so you want to look fresh and ready for anything. So wear something comfortable, appropriate shoes for running and warm leggings for those long flights help too!

3. Research

Most of our adventures are mostly in the South East Asia district and I’m telling you now, most of them are not pram friendly places. Most of the time we found the hard way, towing a massive pram and to find that we would’ve been better off with a foldable umbrella style or heck, even carrying the kid! So make sure you check out lots of pictures, reviews and even do some reading about how accessible these places are before adding more to your luggage.

Hope this helps! If you know any more tips and tricks then comment below and keep posted for our travel section coming soon where we suss out SEA for families!


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