The Open Highway

So we headed down south for the weekend with the kids in tow!

We packed the car like we were going for months, not days but we had to prepare for everything including; vomits, mosquito bites, monsters under the bed and “my dollies….” variety of needs.

I was smart this time around and brought pillows and blankets which means that with an “early”; we left 45mins late, set off time they could sleep part way there. We arrived 6 hours later; the drive should’ve only taken 4. Go figure!

Plenty of stops that were torn between necessary and unnecessary but we managed to get here to a secluded place in the middle of nowhere with no wifi and no noise. Peace. Well at least from the environment surrounding us. My kids, not so much but at least I won’t have to worry about the neighbors calling the police.

I feel a little relaxed though, more so then usual and thank God the place we are staying at has toys in the kids room which meant most of the afternoon they were preoccupied till dinner.

I’m not on edge too, I feel so free. It’s weird what a little view change can do. I’m happy to say that the kids seemed happier. I think we all needed this break.

Traditionally we’re a family who loves traveling and despite the anxiety that comes before it, at the end of the day we love it! I think because we let loose a little and let the kids experience all the new things they never get to at home.

In the mean time, take care everyone! Have a great holiday!


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