Spicy Mackerel

If you love a good fish recipe but like me, forgot to take it out of the freezer, this is a good one to use that doesn't involve defrosting the fish in the microwave and potentially ruining it. You can also use fresh fish for this recipe too. In a blender blend; 5 red chilies... Continue Reading →

Vanilla Cupcakes

We made cupcakes/muffins this evening; well because the husband wanted something to snack on and I had way too much flour from our trip down south. So to make use of it and the many kitchen gadgets I own, we did some late night baking. It actually came out quiet well, usually I find that... Continue Reading →

The Open Highway

So we headed down south for the weekend with the kids in tow! We packed the car like we were going for months, not days but we had to prepare for everything including; vomits, mosquito bites, monsters under the bed and "my dollies...." variety of needs. I was smart this time around and brought pillows... Continue Reading →


​ ​ Parenting can be a little like this. Most of the time, it's more like the pug! Poor pug, right in the feels! #trying #lifehitsinyouintheface #leapoffaith #parentinggoals #atleastitried #specialkindofspecial

Leave me be!

I'm a mother as well as a human being so why the hell do I always feel guilty when taking time out for myself? As a stay at home mum I love it and I wouldn't have it any other way but being around my kids 24/7; I kind of need a break from time... Continue Reading →


So I held my child close today! Tighter than ever before as she screamed her lungs out in the middle of the street as I consistently tried to tell her she needed to let Daddy have his lunch. Onlookers tried to ignore the situation by continuing with their meals and conversation, trying hard as they... Continue Reading →


As a mum with serious anxiety and depression issues, doing anything outside the home with kids is like opening Pandora's Box. It spells disaster before you even bother about getting in the car; the fact that getting the kids ready is a complete nightmare! I don't take my kids out any where by myself. Full... Continue Reading →

Crime and Punishment

I think the hardest part of being a parent is having the wisdom and courage to handle children at their meanest and cruelest. I know children can be a pain in the butt; mine is! I don't pretend that my children are angels or that they don't make mistakes, I'm proud but I don't sugar... Continue Reading →

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