I don’t know if any other adult feels the same way, but there are days I feel at a complete lost. I wander around the house finding things to do, but it’s not what I’m looking for. I feel like there is a shadow hovering around me that says, you should be doing something bigger, better, but my heart says this is where I want to be. At home. Shouldn’t that be enough?

Some days the voice gets louder and more prominent. Especially when things get tough and it’s all a battle of should’ve or could’ve. People give me things to do because apparently I have “nothing” to do. But I feel like being a housewife should be something that is not just “nothing”. I love being at home, it’s a place of peace for me, comfort and somewhere I can be just me.

I’m a mother and a wife and I shouldn’t have to be treated like a social pariah just because I choose to stay at home. I want to live my life without the voices in my head, I want to be me.


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