Kidzoona, Jungceylon, Patong, Phuket, Thailand

So here it is! A place where your kids go to have fun and the parents can just relax, technically we can’t just leave them here but we can sit, down, put up our feet and get free wifi so….close enough.

It’s a secure enclosed place with lots of different play areas for imaginary play, playing on jungle gyms and just blocks of fun with plus, wait for it…. and amazingly huge slide!

My kids spend about two hours here so my husband and I do a tag team; for two hours one of us get free time! But I like playing with my kids here, it’s big enough for the parents to join in the fun and there is so much to do that the kids don’t get bored easily. 

It’s on the 3rd floor of Junceylon’s second building; the one with the Robinson’s department store and it’s also on the same level as the movie theatre. It costs $200 baht per child under 105cm to enter for the day with free returns for the same day and $100 baht for the adults, you will have to wear socks, so bring one or you’ll have to buy one.

There are also space for lockers and a stroller parking area so you secure your belongings and just relax. It’s a fun place to go to if you’ve had enough of shopping and the beach!

The staff are really friendly and love the kids. They also have set activities and games scheduled some days so check the times for these if you’re interested.

Definitely give it a go! The kids will love it!!


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