Chaofa Weekend Variety Market

This market is the mother of all markets! If you’re looking for a bargain or just want to snack on delicious local foods then this is the place to go. Only open Saturday and Sundays from 4.00pm onwards this place is hot, humid but bursting with locals offering shirts, shoes, bags, souverniers and foods of all sorts! It’s located near Central Festival in Phuket Town so if like us, you are based in Patong, it is about a 30min ride. We were looking at $500 Baht for one way ticket but if you have your own car there is free parking about 150m from the markets with free transport to and from the markets!

Though it’s a bit of a squeeze, especially near the food area; you can still bring your pram through. It’s wide enough but you’ll just have to say “Excuse me!” most times just so that you don’t run people over, however most people will give way to you. It’s a maze full of goodies so take your time to search every corner for your bargain because you will be suprised at the difference in price compared to that near the beach.

Lots of snacks to try including deep fried sweet potato balls which are incredibly addictive as well as freshly made pad thai and satay sticks galore. You won’t be disappointed by your choice of cuisine; which ranges from curries, noodles, seafood and other local delicacies but don’t think fancy, you’ll be sitting in plastic chairs among the crowd just like the locals.

So if you’re looking for something different to do at night on the weekend then this is definitely something not to miss. As it’s only open on the weekends, try and plan your trip to fit this in! You won’t regret it!


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