Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Thailand
Long Boats in Phuket Thailand

Phuket is a beautiful island and it’s people are as equally beautiful. If you’re looking for an island to take your family with a mixture of fun, adventure as well as culture then I believe Phuket is the place to go.
We’ve been to a lot of South East Asian cities and for us, Phuket has to be on our top list of visits. It’s very pram accessible and everyone loves mingling with the children. They all wave, interact and play with the children and most of the tourist attractions are all family friendly. Buildings all have ramps and parent friendly toilets as well as staff that are courteous, kind and helpful.

Though Phuket is known for its colourful nightlife after sunset; the island also has beautiful surroundings, family attractions such as elephant rides and theatrical shows, sandy beaches and adventurous treks that are all child friendly and more age appropriate. There are plenty of things to do for the family.

If you are an experienced driver, it’ll be worth your while to rent a car and tour the island yourselves; stopping at local eateries, lookouts, temples, local malls and even waterfalls and other scenic areas, you can experience the local way of life as well as see another side to the island. Just buy a local sim-card that will give you access to your Maps app on your phone and get on your way to an adventure.

We’ve travelled the whole island and seen some amazing things as well as visited local shops and saved lots of money by staying away from tourist areas. It usually takes you 30mins to get anywhere from one side to the other and there is always plenty to see along the way. The roads, though small and can be winding, are very easy to drive on as long as you stay within the speed limit as some areas can be quiet mountainous and steep curves and sharp turns are plenty. Motorcycles are a favourite of the locals, but as long as you drive carefully they will tend to move around you; just make sure you signal your intentions in advance and look at your blind spots.

So if you’re looking for a family friendly island to go to then head to Phuket, Thailand and should you like to avoid the crowds go during low seasons as bargaining for items can be easier during this time too.


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