Sandman; Gone Fishin’

I know how this squirrel feels! I’m having trouble getting my kids to sleep. Don’t get me wrong, they like to sleep; just not when they are suppose to.

I guess it’s the staying up late business I can’t handle. They sleep-in which is perfect but they burn you out of the day that by night you just want to pass out.

My kids have always been late sleepers, it’s like they do bursts of energy, sleep and then get up and do it all over again! How the hell? I don’t think there ever was a time they slept like a full 10+ hours or even 8 for that matter of fact. They do like 2-3 hour naps and just restart the day over, any time. Wish I could do that!

Sometimes I envy the kids’ energy. Don’t you wish you could ask for a 2-3 hour nap at work? It’s unfortunate that society asks us to stay awake for about 17 hours a day. It’s ridiculous! That’s why I never get any house work done while they’re asleep because to be honest, I take that time to nap too! They can’t have all the fun!

I think the sandman has gone on vacation to be honest or decided to look at my kids and said “F$&@! This”! I hope he comes back soon though, I seriously need to get rid of these eye bags!


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