Leave me be!


I’m a mother as well as a human being so why the hell do I always feel guilty when taking time out for myself?

As a stay at home mum I love it and I wouldn’t have it any other way but being around my kids 24/7; I kind of need a break from time to time. So I spend it the way I love to – which is sit. in. bed. If I could parent my way from the bedroom I would.

As an introvert my way into the world is through the miracle gem that is technology. Meeting people in real life is too scary and sometimes too overwhelming – for them and for me. It’s exhausting! So I find my little packet of human contact through this screen.

But I feel a sense of guilt when lying in bed actually not giving a $&@? Is it too hard to imagine that a mother CAN take time off or does anyone else feel the way I do when they just put their feet up?

I feel like I SHOULD be doing this and SHOULD be doing that, but my kids are more than happy to potter around the house playing with their toys and being creative without an adult overshadowing them all the time.

And plus, I’m the “reality check” parent; you know the one that can’t lie about Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny? so I find reading, or teaching them to cook and listen to music is more my thing rather than play pretend, I leave the latter to my loving husband who in all good sense has a more child-like mentality.

So, does anybody else find it hard to relax with children? Or is it time to reflect on those infamous words “I’ll always be your mother” ?


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