So I held my child close today! Tighter than ever before as she screamed her lungs out in the middle of the street as I consistently tried to tell her she needed to let Daddy have his lunch.

Onlookers tried to ignore the situation by continuing with their meals and conversation, trying hard as they tried to drown out the piercing screams and abhorrent shouting but she was loud; loud enough to pull down an entire city!

She kept kicking, crying and all I did and all I could do, was see myself repeat my request over and over again – falling on deafening ears. I started shouting, yelling and on the verge of crying. I was shaken to the core – how could I have produced such a child, a Jurassic Park raptor style child?!

It was horrible to see! It was disheartening and I had to hold down myself from giving into the screams. I was trodden and felt defeated and bruised but I persevered with my request and she continued to persevere with her crying. We were in battle!

My husband left the place hurryingly with my youngest. He asked if I wanted to eat anything since I didn’t finish my lunch. Bless him – but after that, I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t barely even look at her or myself.  I felt like a total failure but the deed was done. She, hopefully, learnt her lessson. Mommy – wasn’t going to take no shit!

She fell asleep on the walk home, peacefully as if nothing happened. But I couldn’t shake the feeling of the afternoon. I felt drained and tired but it’s unavoidable – sooner or later we will have to leave the house again and sooner or later this episode will be replayed.

My husband gave me a look that understood, he nodded. We continued walking home – lucky that we still had the rest of the weekend to recoup.

For all the parents out there struggling with a raptor child, don’t worry! We are here for you! We hear you! And we have your back! You’re doing an amazing job! Keep it up!!!!


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